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Scale Your Career Exponentially without Laziness or Burnout

From 'Stuck In Career' to Become Rockstar in your Career

> 100% Systemizing Your Life (Career | Fitness | Purpose)
> Become Consistent In All of Your Daily Routines
> Work Life Balance along with Happy Family Time

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India's Leading Productivity Expert

Best Selling Author of Timeless productivity


This is an Unfair Advantage

In this modern world, Implementation and Accountability is the missing puzzle. You don't need more information. You need simple and executable plan. This is what exactly this bootcamp gives you the roadmap

It has 66-Day Productivity Plan to achieve 100% Confidence everyday, Exponential Growth in all of your areas including career and wealth, finally Work-Life Balance without burnout and laziness


 100% Executable Strategies

Usually, we are all over-planners. That makes us demotivated. In this first chapter, you will learn 100% Executable Planning that creates progress and Momentum in your life


Monk Like Discipline

Digital Distractions are the biggest blockers of focus. It shows you How to Scale your Focus & Discipline to 8 Hours per day without People/Mindset/Digital Distractions


Become a Productive Millionaire

Not for 7-10 days, but 100 Days of Consistency in all of your daily habits like wake up at 5 am, learning, exercise etc., using Commando Accountability framework.


About The Author

From Lower Middle Class => 1 Crore in Revenue using Timeless Productivity

“Ramesh Yadav is India’s Leading Productivity Expert who is very passionate about Productivity, Mindset, Behavior Science & Entrepreneurship. He is a Software Engineer turned Productive Geek, Founder & CEO of Productivity Empire. He has created 17+ powerful frameworks for every challenge in Productivity and Time Management.

Author of Best Selling Book "Timeless Productivity"

Success Stories from this 66-Day Challenge

Top Industry Experts become clients for Timeless Productivity. 


Gopal Krishnan

CEO of Visual Marketing

This Bootcamp is the Bible of Progress. Ramesh has simplified it like never before. You will get 1000x value in return.


Akanksha Gupta

Senior Product Manager

Action Oriented Bootcamp. I still wonder why he gave it for FREE. 10 Years of Effort & Research in just 3 Days.

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🚀 Become "100% Consistent" In all of Your Daily Routines

🚀 Become '100% Consistent' in all of your Daily Routines

Progress matters more than results.

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